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In 1973, Hannah Arendt became the first woman to speak at the prestigious Gifford Lectures — an annual series established in 1888 aiming “to promote and diffuse the study of natural theology in the widest sense of the term,” bridging science, philosophy, and spirituality. Titled The Life of the Mind, her lecture, later expanded into a book, is a spectacular meditation on thinking vs. knowing and the difference between truth and meaning.

Between what is said and not meant
And what is meant and not said
Most of love is lost

بين منطوق لم يقصد
و مقصود لم ينطق
تضيع الكثير من المحبة

Khalil Gibran  (via bhagyawati)

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"Imagine how you’d feel, Marge, if you got fired from the… those…things that…you do."
"Quick, mom, whip up a cake before dad fires ya!"
EDITOR’S NOTE: I say this to my mom all the time.

Oh, don’t poo-poo a nickel, Lisa. A nickel will buy you a steak and kidney pie, a cup of coffee, a slice of cheesecake, and a newsreel, with enough change left over to ride the trolley from Battery Park to the polo grounds.

this movie is everything

Veruschka for Paris Vogue (1967)